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Cycling has become more popular in New Orleans with an increase in bike lanes and advocacy. The University of New Orleans Transportation Institute and the Regional Planning Commission have found an 88% increase in usage! Read more about bike repair stations associated with the public library. Bike Easy is an organization that empowers and supports bicyclists. Check out their informative PDF


Regional Transit Authority oversees the streetcars, ferries, and busses of New Orleans. A Jazzy Pass for 31 days of unlimited usage on bus and streetcar costs $55. Unlimited usage for the streetcar, bus, and ferry for 31 days is $105. You can purchase tickets online or through RTA’s mobile app. Below is the link to the RTA routes:


This app-based DIY taxi alternative is subject to price surging but is otherwise a great alternative to biking or taking the bus. or


The freedom and convenience of owning a car can’t be beaten. There are as many songs about car ownership as there is about puppy love. It is, however very expensive and it requires responsibility and maintenance. According to AAA’s 2015 Your Driving Costs study, it costs Americans $8,698 a year to own a car. There are additional costs such as parking meters and fines. To learn more about parking in New Orleans check out this link:

Read on to learn more about the responsibilities of car ownership: getting a licensebuying a car, and securing car insurance. We discuss alternative forms of transport such as riding a bike and list bike safety resources.