Entertainment on the Cheap

Photo by Krivec Ales

Most young adults don’t have a large budget for entertainment, so it is important to know how to have fun economically.  Finding these activities can be difficult, especially if you have recently moved out or are new to a city.  One of the easiest ways to find out what is going on around town is by doing a simple search online.  There are some websites that are dedicated solely to this cause, and keep the information updated.

Best websites for cheap entertainment:

Many times you will be able to find out what is going on during a specific day or weekend by searching: “free things to do in New Orleans.”  New Orleans has sites such as http://www.neworleansonline.com where you can see what is going on daily.

Check out local newspapers or magazines dedicated to entertainment.  For New Orleans, check out Where Y’at and The Gambit for information on the arts, entertainment, and events.


  • Check out local nature!  Go for a hike, go for a bike ride, visit the park, or take a trip to the beach, lake, or river in the area.
  • Take a walk through the downtown area, arts district, or historic district.
  • Take a free walking tour with the National Park Service
  • Enjoy a parade or festival
  • Visit a local museum (look at the museum’s website ahead of time. Many have free admission on a specific day of the week)
  • Browse a local farmers market
  • Throw a board game night with friends
  • Plan a neighborhood potluck, BBQ, or crawfish boil
photo by Leah Kelley

Especially in New Orleans, sometimes finding something that is both entertaining and cheap can be as easy as stepping outside your door!