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All the following information and more can be found at the CDC’s website:

How it spreads:

  • Currently no vaccine
  • Avoiding exposure is the best preventative medicine
  • Spreads through primarily from person to person from contact or infected droplets
  • Standing within about 6 feet
  • Through coughs, sneezes, or through talking.
  • Droplets entering mouths or noses or possibly be inhaled into the lungs.
  • Some recent studies have suggested that COVID-19 may be spread by people who are not showing symptoms.

What we can do:

  • Wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds
    • Wash often and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing                                                      
    • If water and soap are not available, use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth 
  • Avoid close contact especially with people who are sick
  • If possible, maintain 6 feet between the person who is sick and other household members.
    • Distance yourself from people outside of your home.
    • Do not gather in groups.
    • Avoid crowds and mass gatherings
  •       Cover your mouth and nose with a cloth face cover when around others and whenever in public. The cloth face mask is meant to protect others in case you are infected
    • Cloth face coverings should not be placed on young children under age 2, anyone who has trouble breathing, or is unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance.
    • Do NOT use a facemask meant for a healthcare worker.
    • Remember that the mask is not a substitute for social distancing!!!
    • When in a private setting, always cover mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough
    • Throw used tissues in the trash and immediately wash your hands 
  • Clean and disinfect
    • Frequently touched surfaces daily (Example: light switches, phones, doorknobs)
    • If surfaces are dirty, clean them. 
      • Use detergent or soap and water prior to disinfection.
      • Then, use a household disinfectant. 
  • Monitor Your Health
    • Be alert for symptoms. 
      • Fever, cough, shortness of breath,
    • Take your temperature if symptoms develop.
      • Don’t take your temperature within 30 minutes of exercising or after taking medications that could lower your temperature, like acetaminophen.

If you are sick:

  • Stay home except to get medical care
    • Stay home. 
  • Take care of yourself. 
    • Get rest and stay hydrated. Take over-the-counter medicines, such as acetaminophen, to help you feel better.
  • Stay in touch with your doctor. 
    • Call before you get medical care.
  • Avoid public transportation, taxis, and rideshares
  • Separate yourself from other people
    • As much as possible, stay in a specific room 
  • Monitor your symptomsfashion man people sign

When to Seek Emergency Medical Attention:

  • Look for emergency warning signs and seek emergency medical care immediately
    • Trouble breathing
    • Persistent pain or pressure in the chest
    • New confusion
    • Inability to wake or stay awake
    • Bluish lips or face
    • *This list is not all possible symptoms.
  • Call 911 or call ahead to your local emergency facility: 
    • Call ahead before visiting your doctor
    • If you have a medical appointment that cannot be postponed, call your doctor’s office, and tell them you have or may have COVID-19.
  • If you are sick wear a cloth covering over your nose and mouth
    • Wear a cloth face covering over your nose and mouth 
    • You don’t need to wear the cloth face covering if you are alone.
  • Stay at least 6 feet away from other people.
  • Avoid sharing personal household items
    • Do not share dishes, drinking glasses, cups, eating utensils, towels, or bedding with other people in your home.
    • Wash these items thoroughly after using them with soap and water or put in the dishwasher
    • Clean all “high-touch” surfaces every day

If you have any questions about COVID-19, please go to

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