College Requirements

How kids access public colleges in LA

  • An 18 on the English gets you out of remedial English.
  • A 19 on the Math gets you out of remedial math.
  • The Accuplacer test can also place you out of remedial classes.
  • To get into a Louisiana public college, you need a 2.5 core GPA and:
    • Grambling, McNeese, Southeastern, Southern, ULM,  UNO require that you need no more than 1 remedial course.
    • ULL, LaTech require NO remedial courses.
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How kids access other colleges in LA

  • A 2.5 TOPS GPA + 20 ACT composite earns TOPS, which is roughly $5500 per year to in-state schools.
  • Dillard: 2.5 GPA and an 18 Composite.
  • Xavier: 2.5 GPA and a 20 Composite.
  • LSU: 3.0 GPA, no remedial, and a 22 Composite.
  • SUNO: 16 Composite
  • Louisiana Educate Program: Kids with a 2.5 GPA, 20 composite, 18 on English, and 19 on Math can earn a full ride (some loans) to ULL.

How kids access other colleges in America

  • Not automatic admission. These are ranges, and kids are evaluated more holistically based on essays, activities, etc.
  • Median ACT Score:
    • 32+: Stanford, Harvard, Duke, Yale, Amherst
    • 26-31: NYU, Michigan, UNC, Tulane, Auburn
    • 22-25: Howard, Spelman, Alabama, Texas A&M
    • 19-21: FAMU, Clark Atlanta, Cal St schools
    • ≤18: Tougaloo, PVAMU, TSU, Jackson St., Talladega

Test-Optional Schools

  • DO NOT require ACT scores.
  • DO require incredible GPA, activities, essays, etc.
  • OFTEN meet full or most financial need.
  • Bowdoin, University of Chicago, Pitzer, Wofford, Franklin, and Marshall, etc.

Now let’s have a look at local college costs and applying for financial aid,