Bike Safety Resources

For nearly a decade The University of New Orleans Transportation Institute and the Regional Planning Commission have studied bicycling and pedestrian data. According to their research, there has been an  88% increase in cycling locally! Here’s what you need to know to stay safe in the Greater New Orleans Area. 


  • Get Preparedbicycle-2496564_1280
    • Check your brakes and your wheels to make sure they are operational.
    • Before you set off, make sure you’ve made all your proper adjustments to hair, clothing, backpack, etc. For example: if you are in loose pants, secure your pant leg so it doesn’t get caught up in the chain.
  • Stay Visible.
    • Wear light-colored clothing, use bike lights, wear a  brightly colored helmet (always wear a helmet). Stay in the bike lane (where one is available) and go with the flow of traffic.
  • Stay Alert
    • Don’t listen to music through headphones. Don’t talk or text. Make eye contact with drivers and obey lights and laws.
  • Signal
    • Look both ways, use your hand signals, and look again. Don’t assume the motorist is stopping.


Your bike was stolen. Now what?

  • Post a picture of your bike on your social media networks like Facebook.
  • File a police report. You will need the bike’s serial number, so make sure to write that down or take a picture of it with your phone while the bike is still in your possession.
  • List your bike as stolen on, a global recovery resource.
  • Contact your insurance company if your bike was insured.
  • Get alerts from eBay on bikes that could be a match
  • Use Craigslist auto-search to find bikes that match yours
  • Call local bike shops with a description of your bike


  • Bike Easy is a nonprofit that makes bicycling easy, safe, and fun for everyone in Greater New Orleans. provides a bike map to assist cyclists in finding the most bike-friendly routes in the city here.

With all your choices between bussingride-sharing, driving, and bicycling. you’re sure to get where you’re going! Move on to housing, entertainment, job hunting, or finances!