Applying for Jobs in New Orleans

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Make a list of places that you would like to work in one area of town. Having a printed map of places to go will keep you on track if you start to get discouraged. Over 60,000 minors are employed in the state of Louisiana. You can do this!

screenshot of job hunt map

  • Bring extra resumes. You may see a cool place that isn’t on your list.
  • BRING A PEN! Having a pen, your resume, and cover letter ready shows responsibility.
  • Dress one step up from the job you are applying for.
  • When you enter the business, ask the first available employee if there is a manager available. Managers are often unavailable or impatient during the busiest time of the day, so try to visit a business when they are less hectic. If the manager is not available, ask for their name, and when you should return. You can politely ask for an application if you know they are hiring. It always looks better when you fill it out on the spot. Attach resume and cover letter.
  • It is helpful to take a business card for reference. You’ll then have the phone number to follow up in a few days.
  • Potential employers will be calling your phone so make sure that your voicemail is generic such as “Thank you for calling (your name). Please leave a message at the tone.” You can always change it after you get the job.
  • It is best to return to the business after a couple of days. This will show dedication.
  • If a friend told you about the job, make sure to mention them.
  • Stay at it. Keep your notes and business cards in one place.

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The Louisiana Workforce Commission has an interest assessment tool that will provide a list of possible careers based on the skills and interests that you list. Available positions in those fields can be found on their website as well.


The jobs for teens website provides creative options for teens based on age!

Hopefully, you have a winning resume and cover letter that represents your talents and goals. You’ve applied. It’s go time! Let’s rock that interview. Follow this link to learn the documents you need to work as a minor.