About Us

Gradeuxity was founded by The Creativity Collective (TCC). This 501c3-awarded creative workforce consists of area entrepreneurs, artists, and parents impacting New Orleans issues with innovative solutions.



  • Katharine Wibell – Our current Executive Director previously worked as the Marketing Coordinator for the Steffen Thomas Museum of Art and Madison Georgia Arts Guild. At Steffen Thomas, she was heavily involved with their Arts Outreached program. Currently, she is an award-winning author and an artist in New Orleans. She also serves as an active member of the local nonprofit, Rhino Contemporary Crafts Co. and heads up their social media committee. 
  • Christy Soto – In addition to founding The Creativity Collective, Soto is a published poet, screenwriter, playwright, and essayist. She is a performance artist and does photography and graphic design on the side.
  • Christina High – Secretary of The Creativity Collective, she spends her days working as a school librarian while enjoying creative costuming and crafts in her spare time. She has played an integral part in the development of the Gradeuxity Lifeskills program. She had served on the board of directors for one year.
  • Becca Glass – Becca Glass has been the membership director of the Collective for 4 years and on the board of directors for 4. After pursuing a degree in peace and conflict studies, she moved to New Orleans in 2013 to work with at-risk youth in the AmeriCorps program.
  • Elizabeth Obee – Treasurer of The Creativity Collective, is a data scientist employed by a top tier healthcare Insurance Company. She has a B.S. from LSU and a M.S. degree from Rutgers University. She has participated in The Creativity Collective and its various projects for 6 years.
  • Ronald Brickeen is a retired Army veteran who is very involved with community service in New Orleans and the Gulf South region supporting various charities and foundations.  He has been part of The Collective for 3 years, with two years on the Board of Directors.