Welcome to GRADEUXITY, a virtual lifeskills resource for young adults!

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Gra·deux·i·ty [gruh-doo-i-tee] noun. Gratuity, or tips, for graduates.

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In addition to our website of the best resources, we offer a Lifeskills Book that is free to download.

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  1. Graduating high school is the first step to exploring the world beyond. What you decide next will determine your next several years. In our LIFE AFTER HIGH SCHOOL SECTION, you can explore options with a breakdown of cost, commitment, and more. You will learn phrases to adult by and how to check facts. Under our Civil Duties heading, you’ll find information needed to vote and, if you choose, enlist in the military.lifeskills icons-15
  2. Our JOB HUNTING SECTION provides a step by step approach to land that job. From writing a winning resume and mastering the cover letter, to organizing your job search, and rocking that interview, this section has you covered. We also touch on documentation needed to work as a minor and social cues valuable for any situation.lifeskills icons-14
  3. Want to continue your education? Our COLLEGE RESOURCES SECTION includes a breakdown of application requirementslocal college costs, and applying for financial aid, and even trade school programs.lifeskills icons-08
  4. Your success as an adult is closely tied to your ability to manage money. Tips on budgeting realistically, building credit, filing taxes, and banking, with steps to opening a bank account, can be found in our PERSONAL FINANCES SECTION.lifeskills icons-16
  5. Let’s get moving! In our TRANSPORTATION SECTION, we examine bussing, ride-sharing, and the responsibilities of car ownership. This includes getting a license, buying a car, and securing car insurance. We discuss alternative forms of transport such as riding a bike and list bike safety resources.lifeskills icons-10
  6. Home is where the heart is, but landing your first apartment takes several important steps. In our HOUSING SECTION, we discuss renting an apartment, setting up utilities, getting a roommate, and how to navigate house hazards.lifeskills icons-09
  7. What’s more exciting than having the freedom to plan your own entertainment. Sure, money can be tight, but with a little research, the sky is the limit. In our ENTERTAINMENT SECTION, we offer cheap entertainment, cooking fun meals on a budget, and mocktail recipes for alcohol-free libations.lifeskills icons-11
  8. Being prepared for when an emergency strikes is crucial for young adults. Check out our EMERGENCY INFO for violence, and suicide prevention. Learn the steps to dealing with sexual assault and other vital tips to live by. Check our Covid-19 page for ways to stay safe during the pandemic. Our weather and storm activity page will fill you in on specifics regarding hurricane activity in the south. We also cover first aid and prevention.


Gradeuxity is a project of The Creativity Collective, a New Orleans 501c3 nonprofit and creative workforce with a community focus. Contact us to find out how you can be involved!

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